Onboarding is the term used to describe the process of familiarising a new employee with their new company and their new role as quickly and smoothly as possible. Successful onboarding programs result in new hires feeling informed, motivated and confident to undertake what is required of them. Poor onboarding of new employees can result in negative and costly outcomes such as underperformance, a higher turnover and a poor reputation as an employer in the marketplace.

Nexus HR Consultants work with organisations to develop unique yet practical onboarding programs suited to the goals of each individual business. We work to improve the following experiences for your new hires:

  • Pre-hire – recruiting, acceptance of the offer and essential paperwork
  • The first day – creating a positive first impression
  • Orientation/Induction – ┬álearning about the company, its goals, and its values
  • Training – learning the new role
  • Performance – understanding how one can optimally contribute to their team and the company.

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