Position Descriptions (PDs) or Job Descriptions (JDs) are an important element of new employment documentation as they set out the responsibilities and other key aspects of a position. It’s recommended that all new employees receive a PD when they commence work with a new employer, or when they start a new position.

PDs are also a helpful tool for other workplace functions, including:

  • For recruitment, as they¬†give ¬†prospective employees an insight into the job being applied for. Providing a PD to a prospective employee also gives a professional and organised impression of the company to the candidate.
  • For performance, as they provide an overview of the employee’s accountabilities such that it is clear what they are responsible for and who they are accountable to.
  • For pay, as PDs provide a basis and comparison point for pay level grading and remuneration.

Developing PDs can be time consuming but their benefits are many. By outsourcing these to a HR specialist, the job is done quickly and professionally, without pulling valuable resources into the project. Where organisations have a preferred template, we are able to work with it if preferred. Otherwise, Nexus HR can suggest a suitable one for you.

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