We have designed our recruitment services with small to medium employers in mind.  With our personalised service and affordable packages outsourcing your hiring processes has never been so accessible.

Hiring employees can be a lengthy process and often consumes time which could be better spent elsewhere. A good recruitment process involves a number of touch points with candidates and thorough screening, so that the very best person for the job can be selected. Nexus Human Resources carries out a robust selection process but it won’t cost you the earth. We don’t charge high recruitment agency fees, but rather, offer you value for money service and results.

Some of the benefits of outsourcing your recruitment processes include:

  • save time by engaging an experienced consultant who will be able to complete the job faster
  • focus on business improvement activities or operations rather than spending your time conducting interviews
  • your next hire will be screened thoroughly and this will reduce the risk of a mis-hire
  • gain access to a recruitment specialist who can provide advice and direction on the process

Get in contact with us on 1300 15 10 11 or via our online contact form to discuss your requirements and to obtain a written quote.