Termination is not a situation that should be taken lightly by any employer. Yet, in some cases it is the only option or the most appropriate option.

The Fair Work Act 2009, provides a number of protections for employees who are terminated or who feel they have been treated adversely. Often, the success of the employer in defending such claims will depend on the process they have engaged for the termination, which means that it is important to engage a HR Consultant early on so that all the boxes are being ticked along the way. However, it is never too late to seek advice if you are planning on carrying out a termination. Often any faults with a process can be rectified to improve your business’ position and reduce exposure prior to the termination occurring.

Nexus Human Resources works exclusively for the employer and we will work with you to understand your desired outcome, the steps that should be taken to reduce exposure, and any associated risks.  We help you to achieve a more productive workplace, free from those ongoing performance or conduct issues that may be eating up your time.

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